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Anthony Harrelson North Carolina
Anthony Harrelson North Carolina

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina - The Study of Viruses

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina has a Ph.D. in microbiology and has spent his professional career studying viruses and how they interact with human bodies. Throughout his career, he has sought to better understand viruses and how the most dangerous strains can be eradicated from the human body. His understanding fuels the biopharmaceutical research that he and his team have been conducting with the goal of producing vaccines for deadly viruses Ebola and HIV. Dr. Harrelson is the founder and CEO of White Oak Industries, a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of how to defeat viruses that have been ravaging human populations for decades, such as Ebola and HIV.

 There are two basic types of viral interaction within a human body: active and latent. Active viruses actively replicate and infect all parts of the body, causing infection, serious medical conditions, and possibly death, depending on the kind of virus. Latent viruses are dormant within a person. They activate when they sense that its host’s immune system has been weakened or suppressed. Acute viruses replicate quickly over a short period of time generally cause intense symptoms. With a few exceptions (most notably Ebola), these viruses replicate quickly, causing brief sickness, then subside as the body fights them off. Chronic viruses are not so easily defeated by the body’s natural defense forces and cause chronic illness. HIV is an example of a chronic virus. Anthony Harrelson North Carolina hopes that his research team will find a way to combat both chronic and acute viruses over the next several years.